The production facilities of forge plant/shop unfortunately make noise and vibration.
As we find it most important to address the environmental problems, we as a company try our best to proactively introduced environmental measures. Our facilities are provided with state-of-art anti-vibration devices and sound insulating walls etc. We seek to live with the local
residents side by side.

Air spring-type anti-vibration device

We have replaced the plate spring type anti-vibration device with air spring type in order to reduce the acceleration level of the vibration as well as the vibration level.
Further, by reducing the pit depth, we have improved the workability at the time of maintenance.

Soundproof factory

By making the gap between the double walls curb-like, we have reduced the air vibration and also the noise coming out from our factory. In the early morning and
during the night, we close the shutters of the factory; it is effective to further reduce the air vibration and noise.